Zhineng Chi Kung Courses

Regular classes in this ancient art in Málaga.

Through Chi Kung classes with the three methods proposed by Dr. Pang He Ming, we connect with Heaven and Earth, we discover our Chi field and its link to the universe for our healing.

Different levels

Chi Kung exercises for all ages.

Certified teacher

Your teacher is trained and certified for different levels and techniques.


Practising Chi Kung balances body and mind.

Classes in English and German

Classes in English
Classes in German

Chi Kung classes for all

Chi Kung exercises for all ages strengthen the body and dissolve blockages. Zhineng Chi Kung allows us to work with our consciousness and recognise the thought patterns that still stand in our way to complete health on an emotional and physical level.

Natalia Rodriguez Del Real realizando un ejercicio de Chi Kung - Zhinengser.com
The Basic

What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung is a physical exercise that combines movement with conscious breathing and in which awareness and concentration play an important role. Qi is nature’s life energy; Gong refers to the constant work and skills acquired when the practitioner integrates this work into their life over a long period of time.

Chi Kung or Qigong is part of traditional Chinese medicine, which has a history of over three thousand years. In addition to Chi Kung, its cornerstones are phytotherapy, acupuncture and Tuina massage.

This definition of Chi Kung can be found on many websites dealing with the subject. And it is true. However, you have to experience Chi Kung yourself to truly know it. 

Zhineng Chi Kung is a relatively new style, but has already established itself as one of the most widely practised Chi Kung styles worldwide. You can find an informative video about it here.

Introduction to Zhineng Chi Kung

Here I talk about the characteristics of Zhineng that distinguish it from other styles of Qigong.

We will also look at the underlying approach to energy work; for this I give a brief explanation of Taoist cosmogony and the concept of “Yiyuanti”.

Clases de Chi Kung en Málaga
Play Video about Clases de Chi Kung en Málaga
The Power of Chi Kung

Benefits of Chi Kung Practice

Chi Kung or Qigong is a method of traditional Chinese medicine based on breath work and coordinated, harmonious body movements. It helps to achieve a relaxed state that allows us to improve our health and emotional balance step by step.

Below are the experiences of people who have brought Zhineng Chi Kung into their lives through Chi Kung classes and who talk about what it means to them.


I would like to share some experiences of participants of Zhineng Chi Kung with you here.

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