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Who am I?
Natalia Rodríguez Días del Real - Sobre Mí - Zhinengser.com

I hold a degree in German Philology from the University of Seville. During my studies in Germany I was instructed in Hatha Yoga and Zen meditation and practiced both for many years. Later I was introduced to Reiki at Monte Mariposa in the Portuguese Algarve and received the initiation into the first degree.

Already in Diane Stein’s teachings it was mentioned how important it is to practise Chi Kung in order to develop as a Reiki practitioner, and this was the first call for me to turn to this discipline. Eventually I was initiated into the second degree of Reiki and practiced it for many years.

It was only when I met Master Sun Junqing in 2013 that I really started to practise Chi Kung, in this case Wubaomen Chi Kung. Unfortunately, I could not practice directly with this master, but when we met in person, he gave me his book so that I could learn on my own.

Looking for a teacher to teach me in a more structured way and with great commitment on my part, I found the training of Antonio María Rabaneda in connection with the Harmonious Big Family, in which the first three Zhineng Chi Kung methods of Master Pang were taught in three courses. The examination for the first course I took with Master Tao, the next two examinations with Antonio María Rabaneda.


What does Chi Kung mean for me?
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Formación Certificada

No fue hasta que encontré al maestro Sun Junqing allá por el año 2013 que realmente comencé con la práctica del Chi-kung, en este caso Wubaomen Chikung. No llegué a practicar directamente con este maestro ya que él me regaló su libro para que me iniciara de forma autónoma.

Buscando un profesor o profesora que me enseñara de forma más estructurada y con un gran compromiso por mi parte encontré la formación que impartía Antonio María Rabaneda en conjunto con la Harmonious Big Family, en la que durante tres cursos se daban a conocer los tres primeros métodos de Zhineng Chikung del maestro Pang. El examen del primer curso se hizo junto con el maestro Tao, y los dos siguientes exámenes los realizó Antonio María Rabaneda.

Certified Training

I am qualified to teach the first three levels of Zhineng Chi Kung after more than two years of training through Shen Ji School.

My experience in this training has fully met my expectations as I have had the opportunity to work at these levels in a thorough and methodical way.

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